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All products on the site are the same ones we use every day in the studio. All healing products, as well as paints and cleaning materials from the studio and available on the website are vegan - that is - not tested on animals. 🇧🇷

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  • Mulher de costas a exibir a sua tatuagem na parte de trás do braço onde foi tatuado o seu cão da raça pastor alemão. A tatuagem está apenas a cabeça do cão com sua língua para fora de modo que a tatuagem ficou com o estilo realista.


    Tattoos are eternal as long as they last. Our love for our pets too. 🇧🇷

    There are several ways to honor a pet and height. More realistic, stylized or even the paw stamped on the skin are some of the possibilities to leave all our affection marked on our skin.

  • Titanium piercings

    There is a wide variety of materials for jewelry and piercings. But few are as effective in terms of versatility compared to titanium metal alloy.
    Titanium is the ideal material for this type of procedure. It is the same metal alloy used in medical and dental procedures.


    It decreases the risk of body rejection and also prevents infections, in addition to being 60% lighter than the common steel of other piercings.

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