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Tattoo Revitalizer Keep the colors of your tattoo always alive

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100% vegan moisturizing thermal lotion with a light texture for daily use (face and body). Recommended to protect, maintain and revive the color and definition of the tattoo. Take care of your tattoo globally

✓ Instant deep hydration.
✓ Deep hydration for 72 hours.
✓ Strengthens the skin's barrier function.
✓ More than 50% improvement in skin smoothness and softness.
✓ More than 50% reduction in flaking and itching caused by dry skin after just 2 weeks of application.
✓ DETOX effect, cleans the skin of pollution.
✓ Protects against UV rays.
✓ Protects against damage by fine particles.
✓ Protects against damage from heavy metals.
✓ Protects against chemicals.
✓ Protects against damage due to intra and extracellular contamination.