The Complete Titanium Piercing Experience

Choosing Titanium - Why We Chose This Exceptional Metal?

At Sara Bird Tattoo Studio, the choice of titanium is the cornerstone of our piercings. This exceptional metal is the answer to the search for quality, safety and versatility. Titanium is not only an aesthetic choice, but also a statement of commitment to the customer's health. Its hypoallergenic nature and light weight provide a piercing experience that balances aesthetics with safety.


Hypoallergenic: Ideal for people with sensitivities to other metals, titanium minimizes common allergic reactions.
Lightness: The lightness of titanium contributes to a comfortable sensation and minimizes stress on the piercing.
Color Versatility: In addition to all these characteristics, titanium can be anodized in different colors, such as gold, green, blue or the classic metal color, allowing for unique customization.

Key Features of a New Piercing - A Unique Journey of Authenticity

Having a new piercing at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio means embarking on a journey of authenticity, self-expression and self-discovery. Each piercing is a unique form of body art that represents your uniqueness. Discover the main features of having a new piercing with us.


Art of Authenticity: Each piercing is a form of artistic expression, reflecting your individuality.
Unique Beauty: We value the unique beauty of each piercing, celebrating diversity and creativity.
Self-discovery: Through your piercing, discover unexplored facets of yourself and your identity.

Piercing Cleaning and Hygiene - Ensuring Successful Healing

At Sara Bird Tattoo Studio, we consider cleanliness and hygiene to be essential pillars for successful healing. We adopt rigorous practices to ensure that each client has a positive experience from the moment of piercing until complete healing.


Careful Washing: We advise you to carefully wash the pierced area to gently remove impurities.
Gentle Drying: We emphasize the importance of drying the area gently, avoiding friction and irritation.
Ongoing Hygiene: We provide detailed guidance to ensure hygiene is maintained throughout the healing process.

Recommended Products for Healing - The Saline Solution in the Spotlight

At Sara Bird Tattoo Studio, we carefully select products that promote effective and safe healing. Saline stands out as our leading choice, known for its effectiveness and safety, making it the studio's best-selling product.


Saline Solution: Recognized for its effectiveness, saline solution is our top recommendation for daily cleaning and care.
Saline Serum: Another recommended option, saline solution, is gentle and widely available to keep the area clean.
Prior Consultation for Other Products: We emphasize the importance of consulting the studio before using other products to ensure their suitability for the healing process.

Products to Avoid – Protecting the Health of Your Piercing

Your health is our priority at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio. We highlight the products you should avoid during the healing process to ensure a smooth, complication-free recovery.


Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide: We warn about the risks of using alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, which can be too aggressive.
Antibacterial Ointments: We indicate that antibacterial ointments are generally not necessary unless there is an obvious infection.

What to Avoid - Essential Daily Care

Avoiding certain behaviors is vital for healthy healing. At Sara Bird Tattoo Studio, we provide detailed guidance on what to avoid on a daily basis to keep your piercing in optimal condition.


Avoid Excessive Touching: We advise you to avoid touching the piercing excessively to avoid irritation.
Avoid Prolonged Submersion: We warn you about the risks of submerging yourself in untreated water during the first few weeks.

Healing Time and Titanium - An Art That Requires Patience

At Sara Bird Tattoo Studio, we understand that each piercing is a work of art that takes time to perfect. We provide detailed examples of healing times for titanium piercings, highlighting patience as a virtue in this artistic journey.


Variation in Healing Times: We discuss specific examples of healing times, recognizing the variation between different types of piercings.
Importance of Patience: We highlight the importance of being patient during the healing process, prioritizing long-term health.