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Ema Tats - Exclusive Haku Tattoo

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Immortalize the magic of “Spirited Away” with our exclusive Haku tattoo, created by talented tattoo artist Ema Tats at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio in Portugal. This tattoo is a unique opportunity, performed only once, guaranteeing an exclusive work of art on your skin.

The tattoo has a minimum size of 25 centimeters, ideal for various areas of the body. Consult our visual suggestions to find the best location for this special piece.

The process includes two sessions, held on different days, allowing for adequate healing between sessions. The total price covers both sessions, with the option to pay in two equal installments. Contact the studio to schedule a convenient time.

Don't miss the chance to have the essence of Haku with you. Book your session now and take the magic of “Spirited Away” with you.