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Navel piercing with wooden balls

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You probably rarely see jewelry made from wood. When you see them, it's almost always just for the ear. However, this piece of jewelry is not 100% made of wood as the bar is made of surgical steel. However, the bar is hidden in the belly button, so you can only see the balls. Here you can choose between three different types of wood, where the color is the only difference (apart from the name of the tree). The tree varieties are the lighter crocodile tree, the saba, the reddish brown and the jackfruit, the yellow. Common to all models is that there is a 5mm ball at the top. and below an 8 mm ball. Both spheres have been equipped with a snap so that they can be unscrewed. In addition to color, you can also choose between several different lengths. Jewelry is available in 8mm. As the two spheres can be unscrewed, it is no problem to buy a shorter or longer bar, so you will receive a piece of jewelry that fits exactly on your belly button. As this is an organic material, be careful with moisture and cold/heat. Wood expands and contracts when it gets wet, which can cause cracking. Therefore, keep the jewelry away from anything called bathing and sweating - in general, humid environments.

Thickness: 1.6mm
Length: 8mm