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Belly Button With Tribal Cat and Blue Eyes

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The cat you see in this navel piercing is a tribal cat. This has a pattern that does not represent anything, but which nevertheless helps to give the cat a decorative appearance. The cat's head is made of brass and later coated with an antique coating. The fact that it is antique simply means that in the deep details of the cat a black color is added that makes it look almost oxidized. In addition to this ancient coating, the cat had its eyes replaced with two beautiful blue stones. The stones match the stone on the top ball, which is also blue. The top ball is not a traditional round ball, but rather a flat disc or decorative shield. The jewelry bar is made from surgical steel and has common navel piercing dimensions, being 10 mm long and 1.6 mm thick.

Thickness: 1.6mm
Length: 10mm
Metal: Surgical Steel
Accessory: 7 mm
Closing: External Thread
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