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Drop-shaped tunnel in surgical steel

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The tunnel you see in the photo is made of surgical steel. The thickness of the metal is incredibly thin, so it may appear smaller than it actually is. The thickness is approximately 0.5 mm. The tunnel is teardrop-shaped or pear-shaped, if you prefer. You could almost say the drop is a little chubby.

The jewelry is available in 9 different sizes, the smallest being 6 mm and the largest 25 mm. Under normal circumstances, the diameter of a tunnel is measured by simply measuring the outer edge. But since this tunnel is teardrop-shaped, this cannot be done. So you measure the edge around the tunnel. This can be done by passing a wire through the tunnel, measuring the length of the wire and converting it to diameter. But don't worry, because we did the work for you. If you have a 12 mm wide earlobe, simply select the 12 mm diameter.

Material: Surgical steel
Color: Silver
Depth: 12 mm
Packaging: 1 unit