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Titanium Top - Marquise with Shiny Stone

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Be enchanted by the timeless beauty of our exclusive jewelry: the Titanium marquise-shaped accessory, an expression of sophistication and delicacy. This exceptional top is meticulously crafted from titanium, giving it not only remarkable durability, but also a lightness that provides incomparable comfort.

Every detail of this piece has been carefully thought out to reflect the quality craftsmanship and refined design. Titanium, known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and durability, ensures this jewelry remains radiant over time.

Use this top as a symbol of your own inner beauty or gift someone special with a unique and meaningful keepsake. The top with Cubic Zirconias is more than a jewel; it is a statement of timeless elegance.

This jewelry can be anodized, meaning you can choose a color other than the standard silver.

🌈 More colors for anodizing here .

Only the top. Does not include the bar.
Thread: 0.9 mm
Compatible with 1.2mm (16g) internal thread jewelry