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Top - Studded Light Point

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Brighten up your style with our magnificent Shiny Piercing Top, a piece studded with 2 and 3 mm crystals, meticulously crafted in titanium. This accessory is not only an expression of elegance, but also a statement of individuality at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio.

The shiny stone in this piercing top not only captures but also reflects the light beautifully, transforming the area into an extremely elegant point of light. The intense shine from the crystals adds a touch of sophistication to your piercing collection. Each crystal, carefully set, provides a radiant appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Made from titanium, this piercing top not only offers a stunning look but also durability and comfort. With the ideal size of 2 and 3 mm, it is the perfect choice to complement 1.2 mm bars, providing a smooth and elegant fit.

Elevate your piercing experience with this Shiny Titanium Piercing Top, available now from Sara Bird Tattoo Studio. Purchase this stunning jewelry and transform your piercing into a shining reflection of your unique personality.

Explore freedom of expression with our piercing tops, a versatile and stylish addition to your jewelry collection at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio. These accessories feature a small thread, allowing them to be easily incorporated into various jewelry, offering a wide range of options to personalize your style.

Ideal for initial jewelry and perfect for maintaining consistency after bar downsizing, our tops are the ideal choice for those looking for flexibility and durability. With varying sizes, we guarantee a perfect fit to suit your individual preferences.

We highlight the 0.9 threaded tops, designed for 1.2 mm bars, and the 1.2, perfect for 1.6 mm bars. These common options offer an elegant solution for a smooth transition between different phases of your piercing process.

Discover the perfect match for your style and enjoy the freedom to create a unique look with our piercing tops. Get it now at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio and take your piercing experience to a new level of elegance and personalization.