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Tooth Gem - 18k/24k Gold

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At Sara Bird Tattoo studio, shine is our specialty! 💎✨ And the best part? We have a variety of spectacular gold and white gold options, all made to order especially for you!

Want a luxurious and classic touch? Our gold tooth gems are perfect for you! If you prefer a modern and elegant shine, white gold tooth gems are the ideal choice. And the most incredible thing is that they are all personalized according to your style and preferences, guaranteeing a unique and exclusive smile!

Choose from a selection of stunning designs or tell us your brilliant idea, and our dental jewelry experts will make your dream a reality. We want you to leave here with a smile that is your signature glow!

And don't worry, our friendly and dedicated team will be by your side every step of the way. From choosing the design to application, we will do everything we can to ensure your experience is fun and memorable!

So, come and be part of our constellation of bright smiles! Schedule a visit to Sara Bird Tattoo Studio now and discover how a touch of gold or white gold can transform your smile into a true radiant jewel! ⚜️✨

😊 After you choose your shiny tooth gem, our next step will be to custom-order your model in gold or white gold. We want to ensure that every detail is perfect to brighten your smile!

Please be patient as this personalized process can take up to 1 week. But trust me, the wait will be worth it when you're sporting a stunning, unique smile!

As we work to create your brilliant masterpiece, feel free to stop by whenever you want to brainstorm or just say hello. Our team will be here to make your experience at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio even more special and fun!

So, come see us soon and let's together make your smile shine like never before! We look forward to welcoming you and brightening your day! 💫✨

After completing the order, we will contact you to choose the option between gold or white gold and make an appointment to carry out the procedure.
The jewelry and the fixing procedure are already included in the prices above.