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Dermal Anchor Retainer

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Do you need your micro dermal to go unnoticed, do you need to hide it for a day? Well, we have the solution you were looking for.

This micro dermal retainer measures 4 mm and is made of acrylic with four round corners, making it perfect to place on your body, regardless of where you have your piercing.

You can buy this jewelry in black or white acrylic. If, for example, you only need to hide your piercing for a day, you should choose the color that contrasts least with your skin, so that it goes unnoticed.

This jewelry is spectacular and very discreet, you can even use it on a daily basis, as it doesn't cling to clothes, thanks to its flat shape and rounded corners.

This piece will fit perfectly to the base of the jewelry, although jewelry that stands out a little is easier to place.

This jewelry fits perfectly around the base of your micro dermal piercing and won't draw too much attention.

Thickness: 1.2mm (suitable for 1.6mm dermal)
Accessory: 4 mm
Material: Acrylic
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