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Belly Button Piercing with Two Stones in Zirconia

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Navel piercing in 316L surgical steel with two zirconia stones.
Ideal for punctures that are already healed.

Bar Diameter: 1.8 mm
Smaller sphere size: 5mm
Larger sphere size: 8mm
Stone: zirconia

The jewelry sold by the studio is already sanitized and ready for use.
To replace the jewelry, it is essential to clean your hands before touching the jewelry. For a smoother change, a little Vaseline or similar (alcohol-free) can be added to the tip of the jewelry to make it go in more easily.

Additional Information
Zirconia has a shine very similar to the shine of diamonds found in large jewelry stores. However, despite being well known for its brilliance, the diamond only shows its characteristic brilliance when it is subjected to a type of cut.

Therefore, the term brilliant cannot be considered synonymous with diamond, because the brightness present in diamonds is not a natural characteristic of the stone, that is, it is a “fake” shine.

In addition to being known for being “brilliant”, diamond is also famous for its hardness. On the Mohs hardness scale, diamond has a score of 10. That's why it is known as the hardest stone, that is, the most durable and resistant.

On the other hand, we have zirconia, which has a hardness of 8.5. So we can consider zirconia a hard stone, but not as hard as diamond.