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Tea Tree Oil for Inflamed Piercings

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If your piercing is becoming swollen, inflamed or infected, whether recent or not, you should consider using tea tree oil to combat the symptoms. Tea tree oil dehydrates inflammation and reduces swelling. We also recommend using it if you are in the process of enlarging your lobe.

The little bottle contains 5 ml of oil, which is very potent. Simply apply a very small portion of oil to the swollen area and massage gently so that it is immediately absorbed. You can apply it directly with your fingers or use a cotton swab. The oil has a very intense smell and a very powerful effect on inflamed skin.

Tea tree oil is well known for its antiseptic effects; contains essential oils that fight inflammation and does not cause discomfort during use: it does not burn or hurt, which is why we encourage its application to the most irritated piercings.

In addition to disinfecting, tea tree oil can also be used as a preventative action. Finally, this oil can be used for other types of inflammation, such as insect bites. Tea tree oil is a very useful product in piercing healing care and, therefore, you may need it at any time. If you don't already have a bottle of tea tree oil and you have a passion for piercings, you better get one!

Remember that this bottle contains 100% natural tea tree oil, so we recommend that you apply it to another area of ​​skin first to test your sensitivity to the product. If you have oil-sensitive skin, we suggest you dilute 1 part tea tree oil to 10 parts water.