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MBoah - Tattoo Regenerating Ointment - 25ml

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Soon after getting a tattoo, the skin tends to become sensitive, irritated and have a reddish hue. You may also feel some itching. To promote faster and more effective healing of your tattoo, we recommend using MBoah Aftercare ointment. Made with 100% vegetable ingredients and suitable for a vegan lifestyle, this ointment stimulates skin renewal, relieving irritation and itching, which facilitates the recovery of newly tattooed skin. Say goodbye to traditional diaper rash ointments and take special care of your tattoo.

This formula was developed to reduce the risk of triggering allergic reactions as much as possible.


  • Reduces reddish tone
  • provides a refreshing and soothing sensation
  • Restores and harmonizes the skin
  • Restores and rebalances the skin
  • Hypoallergenic

It is crucial to take a careful and attentive approach after getting a tattoo, and using a healing ointment plays an essential role in this process. The skin undergoing this procedure goes through a series of natural reactions, including sensitivity, redness and irritation, often accompanied by an uncomfortable itching sensation.

A healing ointment, like MBoah Aftercare, is a fundamental ally to optimize the recovery of your tattoo. It is formulated with specific ingredients that provide several benefits. The presence of 100% vegetable active ingredients suitable for a vegan lifestyle not only reinforces the commitment to respect for nature, but also accelerates the regeneration process of newly tattooed skin.

By applying the healing ointment, you are helping to relieve irritation and itching, which are common at this stage. Furthermore, the ointment promotes the reduction of redness, giving a more harmonious appearance to the tattooed area. The feeling of freshness and calm provided by the ointment not only offers immediate comfort, but also helps to revitalize the skin, restoring its natural balance.

It is worth mentioning that the use of a quality healing ointment also minimizes the risk of possible allergic reactions, as its formula was carefully developed with this objective in mind. Tattooing is a lasting form of artistic expression, and ensuring the healing process occurs effectively is critical to preserving the beauty and impact of your body of art.

Therefore, by choosing to use a healing ointment for your tattoo, you are investing in the health of your skin, the quality of the tattoo's final result and, above all, your own well-being. This attention to detail and post-tattoo care goes a long way toward ensuring you fully enjoy your new tattoo, with healthy, radiant skin as a canvas for your personal expression.

Last but not least, it is essential to highlight that the product is completely vegan. MBoah Aftercare healing ointment is made with ingredients of plant origin, thus aligning with the principles of a vegan lifestyle. This conscious choice not only reflects a commitment to respect for animals and the environment, but also offers the guarantee that no components of animal origin have been used in its formulation.

By choosing a vegan healing ointment, you are making an ethical and sustainable choice, contributing to a more compassionate and conscious world. Caring for your tattoo with a product that doesn't compromise vegan principles is a powerful way to express your values ​​in all areas of your life, including your artistic and self-care journey. Therefore, choose MBoah Aftercare ointment and promote healthy healing in line with your vegan ideals.