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Titanium Labret With Beads and Internal Thread

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This stylish piece of jewelry has a top with beads that get smaller. It is pure perfection and elegance. It is available in gold and silver, with the gold version being coated in 14k gold and the silver version being coated in platinum. The top bead is 2.5 mm and the others reduce in size until they reach 1.3 mm. The top has a total size of 7.2 mm. What surprises us about this jewelry is the possibility of it being used in different ways to obtain different looks. Position the top to follow the shape of your ear or point it downwards to create a teardrop effect. This jewelry has a standard length of 8mm and is available in 1.2mm thickness, making it perfect for ear piercings.

Thickness: 1.2mm
Bar: 8 mm
Metal: Titanium
Closing: Internal Thread