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Labret With Internal Thread And Rainbow Heart

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This labret has a heart on the front with a bar on the back. The thread is screwed into the rod. This is the advantage of internal threads. With an external thread, the thread screws onto the rod instead of inside the rod. It has the disadvantage that you can get small scratches inside your piercing - be careful.
The heart is on the front decorated with small lines in different colors. The colors can remind us of LGBT groups, as these are precisely the colors that characterize them. For example, in the form of the rainbow flag.

The jewelry is available in two lengths - Of course, you can choose the one you prefer. The labret can be used in several different piercings. It could be a lip or ear piercing. The back plate of the jewelry makes the jewelry especially ideal for use in a tragus piercing.

Thickness: 1.2mm
Closing: Internal Thread
Metal: Surgical Steel
1 unit