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Titanium Belly Button Jewelry with Dangle Shiny Stones Set

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This navel jewelry is an explosion of extravagance and has a set of 4 inlaid stones, which is attached to an even larger and brighter stone, which, in turn, is preceded by another stone on top with an internal thread. This beautiful jewelry is made of high quality titanium, making it excellent for use in a new piercing, as the material is anti-allergenic. You need to add this gem to your collection now. The bar is 10 mm long and has a thickness of 1.6 mm. It is available in 4 super fashionable colors: transparent, pink, aqua blue and the shades of the northern lights; There are enough options to choose from to decorate your belly button. If you love a good navel piercing pendant, buy your new barbell in your favorite color before it disappears from the store.

Thickness: 1.6mm
Accessory: 4 mm
Bottom Attachment: 6 mm
Color: Silver
Pendant: 14 mm
Closing: Internal thread
Packaging: 1 unit