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MBoah Tattoo Moisturizer Passed Shine SPARKLE

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Tattoo Moisturizer Passed Shine SPARKLE 80ml

Highlights/Benefits of Assets

  • Deep action to care for pigments
  • Enhances colors and gives instant shine
  • Prevents fading by antioxidant action
  • Fast absorption, without leaving the skin oily

In presentations: 80ml (woody fragrance, SPARKLE) and 80ml (refreshing fragrance, COOL)

Passou Shine is a tattoo moisturizer that restores color and leaves a velvety touch. It has actives that enhance the colors and take care of the pigment , preventing fading . In addition to giving shine , the assets help to take care of your tattoo for the rest of your life! So don't leave your tattoo erased, give it a UP!

After healing, period in which you will take care of your tattoo with WASH MBOAH soap and AFTERCARE MBOAH healing, start using Passou Brilhou.

The lack of hydration of the tattoo can cause itching and peeling, using the Passou Shine tattoo moisturizer at least once a day you prevent the skin and tattoo from drying out, helping to keep the pigment always with vivid and bright colors . Really hydrated tattoo! Remember that you should start using Passou Shinu after the healing phase is over.

Tattooed skin is usually drier, so ask for a light, practical and easy-to-spread moisturizing cream , with rapid absorption, without oiliness and that offers efficient hydration . The first month of the tattoo is the most crucial period to keep your skin well cared for. After using AFTERCARE MBOAH start using Passou Shine. It will make all the difference!

During healing, wash the area with neutral pH soap, such as WASH MBOAH (it does not need to be antibacterial or glycerin), also use AFTERCARE, and avoid foods that you are not in the habit of consuming (pork meat is considered the villain because it does not we usually eat), avoid fried foods, thermogenic foods (coffee, cinnamon, pepper) and chocolate. Well-groomed newly tattooed skin is a guarantee of a perfect tattoo.

What is the best tattoo cream?

For real hydration, a cream needs to act on 3 hydration mechanisms, which are:

– Occlusion: it is the replacement of the lipid layer of the skin that prevents excessive loss of water. The occlusion must be done very smoothly, exclusively with butter and vegetable oils, as is the case with Shea Butter and Cotton Oil, used in Passou Brilhou MBoah.

– Humectation: it is done very efficiently by hygroscopic substances that retain water in the most superficial layers of the skin. Being well hydrated the skin will regenerate faster. Aloe vera has regenerating, soothing, humectant, lubricating and nourishing properties and helps in this mechanism. As it is a natural and multifunctional asset, we use Aloe vera in all MBoah products.

– Active Hydration: it is the ability to take water to the deepest layers, in the case of Passou Brilhou MBoah this mechanism is carried out by PCA-Na, a physiological moisturizer capable of taking water to the deepest layers of the skin.

Passou Brilhou MBoah acts on the 3 hydration mechanisms so it is an effective moisturizer, which takes care of the skin for real. The other moisturizers that exist on the market act only in 1 or 2 hydration mechanisms, so hydration is not complete.

Ointments made with Vaseline/mineral oil only occlude the skin and do it excessively and harmful to the tattoo.

Tattoo Moisturizer: How and when to use it?

The best tattoo cream is Passou Shine MBoah . It moisturizes the skin and takes care of the pigments. It makes the colors more vivid and prevents the fading of the tattoo. It is suitable for all tattoos, black or colored, new or old.

You can start using the Paste Shine Tattoo Moisturizer after the tattoo has completely healed. Apply at least once a day. And for the tattoos that are exposed to the sun, first apply the Pastu Shine and then the sunscreen.

how to care for tattoo

The tattoo makes the skin drier, so you need to use a specific cream to take care of the tattoo. Passau Shine Color Care will leave the skin hydrated. You will notice that the skin absorbs all the cream and will not leave the skin oily.

And when to moisturize the tattoo? Ever!!!

We indicate the use of the Moisturizer for Tattoo Passou Shine Color Care at least once a day. If your skin is very dry, you can use more times a day as needed.

Assets and their actions:

– D-Panthenol: hydrating active with a soothing and smoothing action on the skin .

– Nourishing, revitalizing and antioxidant action: protection of pigments against fading .

– Shea Butter: acts as a natural protector against the action of solar radiation.

– Vitamin E: guarantees high protection against the oxidation of pigments, keeping colors alive and bright .

– Rejuvenating complex, stimulating collagen and elastin, to maintain the skin's structure and preserve the original design features .

Content: 80ml

Fragrance: woody

How to use: apply daily on the tattoo, after bathing and whenever you want, massaging gently. Can be used all over the body.


100% VEGAN: no raw materials of animal origin and finished without animal testing.



Use of 100% natural and biocompatible actives.