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TattooMed Clean and Care Sponge

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TattooMed Sponge Clean & Care is a natural cleansing alternative for newly tattooed skin.

Composed of a natural fiber rich in minerals, it allows the sponge to glide comfortably and absorb dirt such as blood, plasma or foreign matter. It also helps in regulating the skin's pH and at the same time soothes irritated skin. In addition, its natural antibacterial effect can protect against possible infection.

TattooMed Sponge Clean & Care is also recommended for intense, colorful tattoos. When used regularly, it provides the skin with natural minerals and gives the appearance of healthy, clear skin, enhancing the tattoo and its colors.

It is not necessary to use soap.

Usage :

Soak in warm water for 1-2 minutes, squeeze and apply wet.
After using, soak in cold water to clean.
Place in boiling water for 5 minutes to disinfect.

Recommendation: In the first 7 days, contact the sponge gently with the skin without rubbing. From the seventh day, make gentle circular movements.

Everything that is important is summarized here for you:

• 100% natural plant fiber
Soap-free impa
Cell structure absorbs dirt, blood and plasma
• And made naturally antibacterial
Helps regulate the skin's pH value
Balances the production of sebum and fat
Suitable for sensitive skin
Glides smoothly over the skin
Mineral-rich care
Free from dyes and perfume

Application recommendation:
Regular cleaning can be done with circular or brush strokes. You can do it completely without soap. Suitable for all three phases of Care Days.