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Ema Tats - Flashes

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Discover the exclusivity and uniqueness of the designs available for tattooing, designed by the talented artist Ema Tats at Estúdio Sara Bird Tattoo . Each design represents a unique expression of creativity, transforming the tattoo experience into something truly personalized.

  1. Molten Chain (up to 8 centimeters): An elegant representation of molten chain, with meticulous detail up to 8 centimeters, this design offers distinctive style.

  2. Jaguar with Hearts and Bows (up to 8 centimeters): Explore wild nature through the jaguar adorned with hearts and bows. This design, measuring up to 8 centimeters, is a striking fusion between strength and tenderness.

  3. Simple Barbed Wire with a Heart: For those who appreciate a bold style, simple barbed wire with a heart is an impactful choice. A unique representation that communicates a powerful message.

  4. Chain of Hearts with Thorns: Discover the duality of love in the chain of hearts with thorns. This intricate design combines the beauty of hearts with the intensity of thorns, resulting in an engaging tattoo.

Each of these designs is truly unique and exclusive, being created only once. Guarantee the opportunity to acquire one of these distinct pieces, without hesitating to place your order. After completing the purchase, we will contact you to schedule your session at Sara Bird Tattoo Studio, providing a personalized experience from choosing the design to executing the tattoo. Don't miss the opportunity to make your tattoo journey extraordinary with these unique designs and the expertise of Ema Tats.