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Barbell with Abstract Arrow and Stones

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If you are looking for an attractive piercing for your ear piercings, then you have come to the right place. The jewelry presented here is decorated with a beautiful abstract design on the front: an arrow with three points. These tips get bigger one after the other. Two of them are also decorated with many stones, the one at the top and the bottom. The center is completely smooth, giving the jewelry a very pleasant appearance. The entire design on the front is made in bronze and has been plated so that its color matches the rest of the jewelry.

The rest of the piece is made from surgical steel that has also been coated. This is done so that you have the opportunity to choose the piercing in different colors, for example, in a wonderful red gold version that has been coated with 14 carat red gold.

See all the colors available in the options above.

Thickness: 1.2mm
length: 6mm
Metal: Surgical Steel
Stone: Cubic Zironia
Sphere: 3 mm
Fixing Stones: Glue
Secondary Material: Brass
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