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Barbell with Two Chains in Gold and Silver

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If you really like earrings with long dangling chains, then this jewelry is excellent for you. The barbell you see in the image contains two magnificent long chains. The chains are fixed to one side of the barbell, with a 4 mm ball on the other side. The chains have two different lengths, which allow for dynamic movement as your body moves. The longest chain is approximately 6 mm.

This barbell was designed for use in ear piercings, but you can also use it in other piercings, as long as it matches the measurements of your piercing.

The bar is 6mm long and 1.2mm thick. Use it, for example, on the helix, where the chains will be magnificently suspended.

Closing: External Thread
Thickness: 1.2mm
Length: 6mm
Material: Surgical Steel
Color: Silver Golden