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Ring with opal flower

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Jewelry and flowers have always gone hand in hand and this piece is a good example of that. This continuous hoop has a small flower attached, made up of five small synthetic opals and a zirconia in the center. You can choose the color of the ring and the opals.

As you can see in the image, you can place this ring in various piercings, such as ear or nose piercings. The most important thing is that the measurements of your piercing are compatible with those of this jewelry. You can see the measurements of each of our products in the "Additional information" tab.

As already mentioned, this is a continuous loop, which means it appears to have no end; however, it contains a small opening. To open it, you must separate the ends by twisting it. Never pull the ends to open it in a "C" shape; this movement damages the ring. The flower is attached to the ring, so we recommend that you do not touch it to avoid damage.

Thickness: 0.8mm
Diameter: 8mm
Accessory: 7 mm
Coating: Anodized
Packaging: 1 unit