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Deadly Sin Number 4: Wrath
Irascibility is a primordial feeling that “releases” explosively when internal feelings are under high pressure. Are you often “angry”? Don't worry – each of us carries a dark side within us that is sometimes uncontrollable. Then negative energy flows through your body and madness takes over. But, like an impulsive volcano, you always manage to keep your feelings under control and balance that emotional energy.

The color black represents magic, fear, curses and negative energy.
The plug is made of stone. From an ecological point of view, but above all in the dermatological aspects that interest us, it is perfectly suitable as a raw material. First-class processed material compatibility reduces the risks of an allergic reaction to the absolute minimum. Natural materials can change their appearance because they are not only affected by normal environmental influences such as light and water. Differences in the color and grain of our natural products are therefore inevitable and each piece of jewelry is therefore unique!

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